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Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries



Windward provides aquatic science and fisheries services to clients with projects involving threatened or endangered fish species, ecosystem restoration, watershed planning, flood management, water supply and water rights, water quality, land/resource management, and urban development.

Our ability to inventory existing conditions, analyze data, and develop/implement restoration and management plans for freshwater and estuarine aquatic resources is complimented by our related aquatic services in water quality analysis, estuarine and hydrologic modeling, riparian ecosystems, and environmental compliance and permitting. This allows Windward to provide complete and integrated fisheries services to our clients and to fully address project needs.


Related Services

  • Aquatic Habitat Surveys

  • Lacustrine

  • Riverine

  • Estuarine

  • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Planning and Design

  • Benthic Macroinvertebrate Analyses 

  • Fisheries Surveys and Assessments

  • Telemetry

  • Electrofishing

  • Seining and trapping

  • Snorkel and SCUBA

  • Trawl Surveys

  • Fisheries Modeling and Data Analysis

  • Fish Screening, Entrainment, and Passage Analyse

  • Fish Rescue and Relocation

  • ESA Section 7 Biological Assessments and Consultation

  • Essential Fish Habitat

  • Assessments

  • Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plans

  • Instream Flow Studies

  • NEPA/FERC Support

  • Water Quality Sampling and Analysis

  • Hydrologic Analyses and Modeling

  • Watershed Assessment and Planning

  • Lake and Pond Assessment and Management

  • Wastewater Treatment Permitting Support

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