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Project Management

In concert with our core scientific and technical services Windward provides project management services for a full range of project types – from complex multi–phased projects to the completion of single-phased assignments. Each Windward project is managed directly by a multi-disciplined principal who possesses from 20 to 40 years of technical and compliance related experience. Windward's involvement in our clients projects translates into excellence and reliability in services throughout the entire life cycle of a project:  preparation of detailed scopes of work and RFPs, management of client contact(s), risk analyses, planning, and selection and management of project teams.


In addition to optimizing the allocation of resources to ensure each project is completed within the defined scope and budget, Windward has consistently demonstrated the ability to build consensus among the broad spectrum of technical team members and stakeholders often involved in environmental projects.


The Windward team has experience with managing an array of projects in numerous sectors of our economy:

  • Industrial plant and process related projects. From a single loop process to the planning and start-up of regional hazardous waste and recycling facilities, pollution control systems,alternative energy, and pharmaceutical processes.

  • Land Use and natural resource related project development and implementation for public and private sector clients, including: biological assessment, project planning and permitting,design, construction management and operational assistance phases.

  • Scoping and management of large scale remedial investigation, design, construction, and system operations projects.

  • Scoping and managing complex legal and insurance support projects.

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