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Environmental Claims & Litigation

Windward helps to clearly build, document, and reinforce legal strategies and complex insurance issues.  Windward applies a broad base of technical expertise and practical knowledge in regulatory compliance, natural sciences, engineered systems and facilities operations to provide comprehensive data collection/assessment, technical review, reporting, regulatory affairs, and expert services. Our professionals are applying their skills to a diverse array of projects on a daily basis, they offer creative, cost effective, and pragmatic answers to help support key coverage/liability issues.

We are effective at performing thorough analysis and reporting opinions regarding facility operations, site characteristics, engineered systems, and regulatory and remedial site activities to both establish and support critical past and future aspects of a case/claim.  Our staff is skilled at regulatory negotiations and experienced in resolving permitting, compliance, and technical issues with numerous EPA regions, as well as state and local agencies.  Windward can provide environmental experts for effective technical and witness support during Alternative Dispute Resolution, deposition and trial proceedings. We can also provide in-person support in many other areas, including cost share negotiations, settlement discussions, and more informal meetings and presentations.  Windward offers a range of Environmental Claims and Litigation Support Services and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to your specific needs:

  • Timely Freedom of Information Act file reviews/investigations.

  • Technical review and reporting.

  • Regulatory agency interview/fact finding.

  • Release timing investigations.

  • Contaminant source identification.

  • Remedial investigation and action evaluation including past & future cost analysis.

  • Responsible party evaluation.

  • Cause-Origin and 3rd Party investigation.

  • Environmental compliance evaluation.

  • Site reconnaissance.

  • ASTM & non-ASTM compliant investigations of past and current land use and operations

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