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Pond & Lake Management

Water bodies are complex and dynamic natural systems, each situated in a unique landscape context. The successful, long-term management of a lake, reservoir or pond requires a proactive approach that addresses the causes of its water quality problems rather than simply reacting to weed and algae growth and other symptoms of eutrophication. Our expert staff of lake scientists and water resource engineers design and implement holistic, ecologically-sound solutions for the most difficult management challenges. 

Services provided include:

  • Lake & Watershed Management

  • Weed & Algea Control

  • Aeration Systems

  • Alum Systems

  • Floating Wetland Islands

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Bank Stabilization and Buffer Management

  • Bathymetric Survey

  • Dredging

  • Fishery Management

  • Aquatic Habitat Creation

  • Fishery and Benthic Survey

  • Aquascaping

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